About Tagua Organic Art

Designer Ofry Fridman blends modern lines and methods with Latin elements through the use of organic plant materials. Her designs are created from fruit and seeds that were picked in the rainforests of South and Central America.

The Tagua fruit serves as the main raw material in the designs.
Known as vegetable ivory, it has similar characteristics to elephant ivory.

Using the Tagua integrates an ecological – green approach. The use of the Tagua eliminates the hunting of elephants for ivory.

By gathering the Tagua, the Indians, who are residents of the rainforest, become concerned with protecting the forest's ecosystem and are encouraged to protect the source of their livelihood – the jungle.

The economic activity surrounding the Tagua helps and encourages the protection of the Amazon basin and forests in Latin America.

Among the other raw materials used in the design are the following fruits and seeds: Asayan, Baloncillo, Bombona, Chambimbe, Kukui, Cirilla, Camejuro and others.


The production process:

The fruits go through a traditional and lengthy/extensive process of drying, conservation and coloring/dying.

These processes give the materials resistance and durability, and turn them into raw materials with qualities similar to conventional materials.

The raw materials are collected and processed in a number of South and Central American countries according to the needs of the designer.


The jewelry pieces are the fruits of the labors of designer Ofry Fridman and are created individually in Israel by hand.

In her creative work, the designer includes those with special needs who are active in Beit Ekstein.

Ofry Fridman lived for an extended period in Colombia, where she was exposed to Latin craftsmanship and local raw material.

Ofry holds an academic degree in design from Holon Institute of Technology.


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